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Video Walls: How Big is Big Enough?

Posted by Blizzard Lighting on Feb 21, 2018 8:29:00 AM
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The idea of a video wall has been around for a while. Way back in the nineties, video walls like the one at Tower Records in Times Square often consisted of TV sets stacked together behind a false wall. Mostly, the screens all showed the same image.

The modern video wall, built with products like Blizzard Lighting’s IRiS, sets a new standard for what’s possible displaying your images. From store displays in your local mall to the mammoth screens in stadiums, video walls have definitely evolved!

Online, you can find a lot of advice about how to plan your LED video wall, how to optimize your viewing distance, or where to find a consultant. A lot of resources are out there including free apps to help you design your wall.

But, one of the most important things to consider is “why have a video wall?” Some walls are like buying a new car. If you aren’t crystal clear on “why have a video wall?” and “what are we trying to accomplish here?” then you’ve just started climbing down the ol’ money pit. (Of course, if you’re sitting on a Smaug-sized pile of money you can skip this part!)

Why have a video wall?

Really ask, “why?”

Why is your situation better suited to an LED wall versus projection or conventional LCD TVs, for instance. There are certainly good reasons for choosing video walls over other technologies, but there are also drawbacks. Consider things like scalability, portability, flexibility and overall cost of ownership. Also, if you’re upgrading from smaller screens, don’t forget: now that you have The Green Giant’s bedroom TV, you’re going to need impactful, giant-sized content to go on it.

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. So, don’t stop asking “why?” until it’s really clear.

Is this video wall going to accomplish what we want?

Now that you’ve got a rich answer to “why have a video wall?” you can begin to look at “will this video wall achieve our artistic or business intention?”

What do you want the wall to do? What do you need it to do? Your wall will demand very different content if it’s part of a presentation or a performance versus if it’s an installation in a retail environment where it has to grab a customer’s attention enough to make them stop and watch. At this point, you can even dig deeper and determine if a video wall is the best approach. If you’re clear what you want the wall to accomplish, then you’ll build a better wall. More than that, when you’re clear, you may be able to accomplish that and have a budget that really makes business sense.

With each of these questions, talking to an expert on video walls will make a big difference. Contact the folks at Blizzard Lighting who can help you find one in your area. 

Then, when you’ve decided on why to have a video wall, you can do your cost benefit analysis, and all the other details that going into a video wall.   And don’t forget the most important question of all: When it comes to video walls, how big is big enough?


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